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In today's backyard, a patio or deck has become so popular for any family home. Concrete is the world's most popular material for decks and patios. It offers many ways to customize your decks and patios with the help of decorative finishes. It is also a good idea to use cement for your patio or deck because concrete to be more durable and requires less maintenance than other materials.

Advantages of concrete

We know therefore that concrete is durable and requires only very little maintenance, but there are other reasons why concrete for your patio or deck is a good choice. You can create an area for entertainment and relaxation by using concrete. The concrete patios can be used by homeowners to combine living spaces inside and outside seamlessly. Concrete is the perfect decorative flooring area for outdoor kitchens, living areas, and can be customized with comfortable seating areas, fireplaces, and water. Concrete can be stamped or stained for the patio or decks to be adapted. Concrete patios and decks are cheaper and last longer than other materials. Your deck or patio is never going to look just like your neighbors because of the concrete versatility.


We already know that concrete can be stained or stamped and is versatile. But let's examine more patio and deck designs more closely. Concrete is easily formed to accommodate space restrictions in the backyard. By applying advances such as stamping techniques with special tools, patios and decks can be adapted to meet your needs and styles, whether it's the color of your house or the natural landscape. A wide range of design options, including stamping, stenciling, and engraving, are also available. You can also have your concrete polished so that has a gloss finish, but we will also make sure that it is non-slippery to avoid any injuries.


At Orlando Concrete Services we realize that whatever you do to your home is an investment and so is a courtyard or deck. We also want you to feel the return on investment, so our prices are affordable. Extra features that you may want to be incorporated such as seating areas, water features, an outdoor kitchen, or a fire pit will also affect the pricing. Our concrete contractors are talented and will ensure that you are satisfied with the results!

Is it worth it?

Now that we have taken a look at concrete patios and custom decks that can be customized, we are sure that by now you are so excited about installing your very own patio or deck, all you need to do is call us today, and we can get started! Having these built for you will add so much value to your home and your lifestyle. Concrete is also long-lasting so that means your patios and decks will last a lifetime, which means for years to come you will be able to entertain, relax and just appreciate the joys of nature while being outside.

How Will You Benefit from Building a New Deck?

Are you looking for a way to improve the look and functionality of your backyard? Building a deck is one of the best options for homeowners in Orlando, FL looking to maximize their outdoor living space. Here are six significant benefits of building a deck for your home.

  • Expand Your Entertaining Space. If you enjoy hosting parties but find it difficult to accommodate guests indoors, opening up your space with a deck may be the answer. Prepare to become the most social family in your neighborhood, with birthday parties, barbecues with friends, and outdoor dinner parties. You also get to keep the party mess outside and enjoy easy clean-up the next morning.

  • Avoid Major Renovations. While you may have considered adding an addition or otherwise renovating the interior of your home, depending on the scope of the project, you will experience significant lifestyle disruption. A deck, on the other hand, can often be built quickly and is generally confined to the outdoors, so you won't be inconvenienced during the process.

  • Raise Home Value. The value of your home increases when you improve it. Building a deck can increase the asking price of your home if you put it on the market, as well as attract more buyers by improving its curb appeal. Many homeowners consider an indoor-outdoor living space to be a must-have feature.

  • Profit from a High Return on Investment. A long-lasting, high-quality deck does not have to be expensive. In fact, building a deck is often less expensive than other home improvement projects, but your family will benefit from it for many years. You can design a deck that fits your lifestyle and budget thanks to extensive customization options. Even if your yard is small or irregularly shaped, the deck can be built to your specifications.

  • Enhance Aesthetic Appeal. The right deck can transform your backyard. With countless finish and stain options for real and composite wood decks, you can find one that complements the exterior of your home. The additional storage space for sports equipment and outdoor games keeps clutter at bay. Creating distinct areas in your outdoor space ensures that your entire family can use and enjoy it.

  • Personalize for Your Lifestyle. Consider including features in your deck design that complement your interests and your family's way of life. When you're not entertaining guests, dual-level decks with distinct seating areas can serve as cozy nooks for private study, reading, and game-playing. Love to grill outside? Consider including an outdoor kitchen. Your deck can be used all year long if it has an integrated fire pit, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even when it gets chilly.

Pondering can be facilitated by water features like fountains and reflecting pools. Planters and raised beds can be planned for by gardeners. You might even want to add speakers so you can listen to your favorite music while you dance the night away or a flat-screen so you can watch your favorite teams outside on the deck. Only your imagination can place a cap on the possibilities. If you reside in Orlando, FL, Orlando Concrete Services can assist you in creating the deck of your dreams. To meet with a member of our knowledgeable team, make an appointment right away. Create your ideal outdoor living area right away.

The Best Types Of Material For Your Custom Deck

It's exciting to get the chance to construct a unique deck. You have complete creative control over the design of the area and the selection of the materials. Your home's value might go up if you build a custom deck on it. As a result, you must carefully consider your options when deciding which material will be used to build your deck. Look at the decking material options available below to determine which is best for you.


A gorgeous option for a deck is cedar wood. The deck has a natural appearance thanks to its light coloring and frequent natural flaws. As a result of cedar's inherent resistance to rot and insects, your deck will be less vulnerable to damage from those elements. The fact that cedar does not naturally absorb moisture means that your deck will not warp as easily as one made of other materials. This is another benefit of cedar. But keep in mind that cedar decks frequently require resealing every year or two.


Pine wood can be any color between a golden-light brown and a reddish-brown. It is frequently pressure-treated when used for decking to ward off infestation and decay. For homeowners in humid climates or in areas where termites are a concern, pressure-treated pine is a particularly wise choice of decking material. Homeowners will still need to perform routine staining to protect from wear and UV bleaching even though pine wood is shielded from the most severe damaging threats.


Redwood has a reddish hue, as its name would imply. It occasionally varies and can also be medium brown or slightly burnt sienna. Redwood has the benefit of having an open cell structure, which prevents pitch or resin leakage. As it is most frequently found there, this type of wood is typically used in the Pacific Southwest. Redwood is resilient, and it takes stains and color well. As a result, homeowners who choose redwood for their decks will have less maintenance requirements than those who choose other materials.


Homeowners should choose composite material for the most customizable decking. People can choose exactly how they want their deck to look thanks to this, which is typically made of polyvinyl chloride or other materials like wood or recycled plastic. It can be fashioned by property owners to resemble wood, metal, or plastic. Even the preferred color can be chosen by homeowners. A durable solution is composite decking. It requires very little maintenance and is resistant to rot and insects.



Because it has a flatter color than other types of wood, maple is a great choice for people who want to stain their decks. Because of how challenging this material is to work with, it might cost more than other options. Maple is a lovely option because it typically has a fine, even texture. As maple is porous and prone to rot, be sure to keep up with the weatherproofing of this material. Your custom deck's overall beauty will be greatly influenced by the material you choose.

The deck is an attractive and essential component of your house. If you choose a custom-built option, you want to make sure the finished product fulfills all of your expectations. Choose a material that you will adore for many years to come as a starting point.

Benefits of Having a Concrete Patio

The majority of homeowners would concur that a concrete patio has both benefits and drawbacks. When the weather is nice, a patio can offer a lovely outdoor area that effectively serves as a second dining room and living room. Since homeowners now understand all the advantages they were losing out on by installing wood or wood-composite decking, concrete or concrete paver patios are rapidly regaining popularity. Some of the explanations for the switch include the following:

  • Easier Maintenance. Concrete is simpler to maintain because it is a solid surface as opposed to individual masonry paving units and natural stone. There won't be any sand-filled joints between units, unlike with paving stones, where grass and weeds can grow. Additionally, individual pavers may settle unevenly, posing a risk for tripping.

  • Durability. Concrete is extremely durable and can withstand the diverse range of weather conditions found across the nation in addition to its versatility. In fact, many concrete contractors in chilly regions go above and beyond to guarantee the longevity of the concrete patios they build.

  • Affordability. Compared to patios made of stone, brick, or tile, a concrete patio is less expensive. The simple fact is that natural-material patios are typically more expensive and require more labor-intensive installation. Small amounts of ready-mix concrete can be delivered in Orlando, FL, quickly and affordably with the help of our fleet of small, specially designed ready-mix trucks.

  • Better Value. Concrete can be embossed, stenciled, stamped, or textured to resemble more expensive stone or brick pavers, frequently for a fraction of the price—especially when labor savings are taken into account. Your home's resale value will increase as a result of decorative concrete's durability and aesthetic appeal.

You have full control over the construction process when Orlando Concrete Services is hired to build your new deck and patio. The first thing we need to know is how you envision using the patio and deck. Once we have those specifics, we'll start to make plans, and you'll have the chance to change or remove anything you'd like. We put forth a lot of effort to give our customers hassle-free and quick home improvements, providing excellent customer service to go along with our excellent work. Get in touch with us right away if you'd like more details about installing a custom deck and patios in Orlando, FL.

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