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Sidewalks and Pathways in Orlando FL

Because of damages like splits, cracks, and uneven surfaces, sidewalks are not always in the best shape. These damages on concrete sidewalks and pathways can cause injury and must be quickly repaired. Therefore, Orlando Concrete Services offers repairs and installation of concrete sidewalks. Pathways are also repaired and installed by us. Our prices for these services are also affordable.


Because of damages like splits, cracks, and uneven surfaces, sidewalks are not always in the best shape. These damages on concrete sidewalks and pathways can cause injury and must be quickly repaired. Therefore, Orlando Concrete Services offers repairs and installation of concrete sidewalks. Pathways are also repaired and installed by us. Our prices for these services are also affordable.


Concrete has only a couple of disadvantages, but the advantages certainly outweigh all of the disadvantages. You need to consider the cost when installing concrete sidewalks and pathways, especially if you need to excavate the area, such as removing trees. Trees must therefore be removed because underneath the concrete the tree roots can grow, which can cause sidewalks and pathways to crack or shift. Another downside is that the stamped concrete surface can easily be scratched, so it is difficult to match the original stamped patterns, especially because they fade over the years.

The Purpose of Concrete Sidewalks and Pathways

Homeowners and property owners use concrete sidewalks and pathways for many different purposes. Some of this purpose are; building a pathway from the street to your home, developing a non-slip path from the house to the swimming pool or outdoor areas such as patios or an outdoor kitchen, it can also be used for creating a pathway from a parking lot to a building and for installing a pathway for areas that people walk on frequently. So if you require any of these sidewalks or pathways, Orlando Concrete Services can do them all for you.

Why Choose Us?

Orlando Concrete Services is an experienced, honest, and hard-working company with an excellent track record of outstanding concrete works and we ensure that all sidewalk and pathway projects are carried out by qualified concrete contractors who focus on quality, precision, and excellent customer service at all times. We are always ready to learn and improve our skills and approaches. Orlando Concrete Services also believes in open communication with our clients, as we always want our clients to feel that they have received an outstanding service which will ensure that clients will always remain loyal to us.

Choose An Expert Concrete Sidewalk Installer in Orlando FL

Orlando Concrete Services has consistently provided prompt, dependable, and professional services with positive customer feedback. We only work with the most competent and dependable artisans who uphold our stellar reputation and deliver the best results. Because of this, among all of our other areas of expertise, we are the best concrete sidewalk contractors in Orlando, FL.

Designing a Walkway

We have the expertise in the process of pouring cement sidewalks as well as the right procedures, designs, and materials required to build a durable and attractive sidewalk. Before pouring a sidewalk, there are a number of options to consider that will result in a walkway that is more distinctive than the typical gray cement. A few examples include: applying colored stains that give cement earthy tones and complement the landscape; imprinting or engraving patterns or designs into concrete; creating grooves; and exposing aggregate to combine a slip-resistant texture with an aesthetically pleasing element.

How It’s Done?

We are experts in concrete, so we recognize the significance of acknowledging proper sidewalk production and all of its various steps. Before a concrete slab can be supported, a solid foundation must be built by testing the soil to determine that it is a subgrade and by adding a gravel subbase layer and base course. Before starting the process of pouring cement for a sidewalk, it's important to take all factors into consideration, even though they might not always be required or applicable. The strength of the concrete slab must be sufficient to prevent bending or tension, but the uniformity of compaction is what makes a sidewalk successful. This will enable the sidewalk to last as long as possible without cracking or experiencing any other damage before its typical lifespan of 20 to 40 years has come to an end.

How Much Does It Cost?

Concrete type, job size, and desired level of customization/design are the main determinants of how much it will cost to install concrete walkways and pathways. Pathway complexity, required concrete volume, and other variables may also have an impact on overall cost. The average price per square foot is between $5 and $100, so your investment could be anywhere from $1000 to $50,000 or more. We offer a variety of packages, ranging from straightforward exposed concrete pathways to luxurious hand-picked accents and engravings, to make your choice simple.

The project will be completed thoroughly and expertly because we take pride in our reputable work and never compromise on our high standards of performance. We are confident in the caliber of our work and would be honored to serve as your go-to concrete sidewalk contractors in Orlando, FL. Call us to learn more about the sidewalk options we provide and to get started on building a reliable, modern walkway.

Benefits of Having Concrete Sidewalks & Walkways 

Popular additions that can make your home complete and welcoming include concrete walkways and pathways. They come in a variety of designs to suit different tastes and can be installed in your front or back yard. Pathways provide direction and can direct guests from the sidewalk to your doorbell in addition to providing opportunities for decoration. Finding skilled contractors who can create the concrete walkways and pathways you have in mind is important when looking to install them. Our goal as a trustworthy concrete contractor is to install the highest caliber concrete walkways and pathways in Orlando, FL.

  • Welcoming. The advantages of installing pathways and walkways are quite obvious. Concrete pathways are both easy to build and maintain. When finished, they add aesthetic appeal to your home making it more welcoming as visitors can follow pathways straight to your front door. Homes that feature gaping green lawns without pathways look incomplete and separate from the neighborhood.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing. Concrete walkways expand the possibilities for exterior design. Pathways can include decorative flowers, lanterns, and twinkling lights on the edges in addition to tying your house into the neighborhood by connecting the sidewalk to your front door. A straightforward pathway will always look lovely and welcoming, even without these embellishments.

  • Decorative. The degree of customization offered by concrete walkways and pathways is another advantage. You can construct concrete paths using a variety of materials, including blocks, paving stones, and poured concrete, among others. To make your pathways distinctive, you can also add different colors, engraving, lamination, and decorative borders.

  • Truly Your Own. Concrete pathways' many customization options are another fantastic feature. There are many options available, including poured concrete, stamped concrete that looks like paving stone, and brick-look. We can use staining and stamping techniques to create the pattern you want so that your pathway truly reflects your lifestyle and personality. No one else in the world will possess a walkway like the one you have. What a cool thing!

Choose An Expert Concrete Walkway Installer in Orlando FL

Find a concrete walkway contractor who can design your pathway to your specifications if you want to get the most for your money. At Orlando Concrete Services, we have the knowledge, tools, and resources required to carry out your instructions to the highest caliber. For instance, if you want a more modern walkway, we can pour concrete in the shape of pavers. The result will look like stepping stones or floating paths. Do you want a curved or straight pathway? We can even create striking, artistic patterns by incorporating shapes like rectangles or circles. For concrete sidewalks and pathways, Orlando Concrete Services provides a variety of shape and color choices. Many of our customers choose decorative borders along with saw-cut or stamped designs and patterns. Even so, we give our customers the option to select the preferred concrete finish.

To help you create the pathways you desire, our concrete specialists can provide custom finishing. We go to great lengths just to precisely and effectively install concrete walkways and sidewalks, and over the years we have provided concrete installation and resurfacing services for a variety of residential and commercial properties in Orlando, FL. We excel at leveling and finishing concrete because of our attention to detail. Here are some options for concrete walkway/sidewalk finishes:

Broom Finish

Do you favor a pathway with a slightly textured and rough surface? In that case, choose a broom finish. When the time is appropriate, we will use brooms to apply your chosen pattern and texture to the concrete's surface. Once we're finished, your walkway won't slip.

Stamped Concrete

We advise selecting stamped concrete finishing if you want to replicate the appearance of cobblestone without breaking the bank. A practical way to duplicate the appearance of fieldstone, slate, and even intricate brick patterns is to use stamped concrete. Our team will stamp the surface with the designs and textures of your choice before the concrete fully hardens. Even staining methods can be used to create a realistic-looking finish.

Exposed Aggregates

By washing away the top layer of the cement binding, our team can expose some of the gravel aggregates on your walkway. If you want a concrete walkway with a lot of texture and color, you can select this option.

A pathway needs to be strong and damage-free due to the volume of foot traffic it receives. Most abrasions are treatable if discovered in time. Many people are unaware of the effect a lovely walkway can have on an estate's overall appearance. As we've already mentioned, a pathway experiences roughly the same amount of abuse as a driveway. Therefore, it's crucial to maintain it properly by having the surface sealed as soon as the telltale signs of wear and tear appear.

You can count on working with fully qualified, outfitted, and experienced concrete specialists when you choose Orlando Concrete Services as your walkway contractor. We take pride in building long-lasting, attractive, and strong sidewalks and pathways. We guarantee to complete the work to the highest standards as industry experts. Additionally, we promise to keep you informed at every stage of the installation procedure—from the preliminary discussions to the final touches. Get in touch with us right away to discuss your needs for a concrete walkway!

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